And so the adventure begins

Sri Lanka, my first stop on my around the world adventure. A country known for it’s pristine beaches, heritage, culture and wild life! What a country to start the travel experience!
For anyone that knows me however, I am far too relaxed for my own good and love to leave a lot of things last minute. So for those panicking over lack of planning, organization or knowledge of the country, I promise you not to worry. I’m only a week into this epic adventure and already this country has taught me so much!! Everything has just slotted into place.

Sri Lanka is our starting point thanks to a recommendation from our travel agent. So here were are with very little knowledge of the country or places of interest to visit!!

Arriving at our first stop filled me with dread, a small town just outside the Capital Colombo..

Negombo, Sri Lanka
Arriving in the airport we were greeted by a cluster of locals holding placards saying who they were picking up. Scouring them all we were unable to see ours, surely something hasn’t gone wrong already we thought, so we walked back and forth multiple times.. No joy!
I advise any traveller just to sit, gather their thoughts and wait for a while. By doing this you are able to work out what the majority are doing, what not to do and what’s your next move!
To my personal and great relief our taxi driver eventually arrived and ran towards us holding the plac we had been looking for. Hoorah!!
If you are able to organize a pick up through your hostel I really recommended you do, it made our lives so much easier and saved us getting ripped off by any of the hungry tuk tuk drivers waiting to pounce on any newbie that arrives.

We pre booked our hostel before we left England. It was called Ocean View, and for my first ever hostel experience away from home I was pleasantly surprised. It was well kept, clean, the staff are uber friendly and the rooms are exactly what you need when traveling. Comfy bed, mozzy net, balcony and ceiling fan, no more is needed!
The rate for the hostel is amazing, around £50 between two for 3 nights. The exchange rate is causing me issues, everything is soo cheap when you convert back to stirling.
Negombo is a funny town, nestled along the coast with beaches you can’t fault and hostels that are beyond expectation. I wanted to love this area. However I very quickly started to think whether this whim of a Sri Lankan visit was a mistake. The roads are a constant hum of tuk tuks and large lorrys beeping their horns at every opportunity (all the damn time). Restaurants, guest houses, convenience stores and junk shops line the main street. There’s no escaping the constant bombardment of tuk tuk drivers beeping at you, men trying to drag you into restaurants and smaller shops jus trying to grab your attention. Both me and Fran did our upmost to explore the area, one day turning right out from our hostel as far as our flip flops would take us and the next turning left. Both utterly uneventful disappointing trips.
In my opinion there is nothing to see in Negombo, if you want a nice beach holiday, go south to the coast. If you want culture travel north in land. If you want to rest for a night to recover from hours of travelling then Negombo is a good pit stop, and very little more!
Saturday 1st February ’14 we decided we had had enough and it was time to move in land and find a city with more to offer!
We have chosen Kandy, a city spoken about all over the internet, this can’t be bad huh!! Let’s go..



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