Our first experience of traveling around a country was upon us and thank God it was! Our plan was to be dropped to the main train station in Colombo Fort by the owner of our Hostel (ocean view) and get on the 10:35 to Kandy. The train station is CRAZY, 100s of people milling about. We got our second class tickets for 190 Rupees each which is about 70-80p and we got as comfy as we could for the 3 hour journey in front of us!
What an experience, vendors selling an array of goodies, musicians playing tambourines and guitars and the continuous stunning scenery that surrounded us.



We pre booked our hostel through hostelworld.com again to save any agro. We stayed at a place called The Majestic Hotel, at the top of the steepest hill known to mankind. It’s not quite overlooking the pretty lake down below as stated online but you can’t fault the view from the roof top terrace!

Fran and I took a walk around the lake that afternoon. It is placed in the centre of Kandy and gives the bustling city a sense of calm and tranquility. It took us a good 45 minutes to walk around the whole thing which gave us a great opportunity to get out bearings and plans for the next few days.
Also staying in our hotel is Becca (blog – thelongandwinding.com ) another traveller from Newcastle doing a similar trip to us. We all went out to dinner that evening to a local hotspot called Kandy Muslim Hotel. We simply asked what they recommended and they brought us 3 dishes all absolutely divine. And so so cheap. Really recommend this place to anyone staying in the area.




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