Millennium Elephant Foundation

IMG_7644 - Copy

Up at the crack of dawn today to have breakfast as today is ELEPHANT DAY 🙂
And we need to try and make sense of the buses. Which I quickly learnt is a near impossible when all you hear and see is Sri Lankan drivers bibbing their horns and ticket collectors shouting God knows what to the surrounding locals. We gave up quickly and headed towards the tuk tuks to try and get a good price. We agreed 1500 rupees between 3 for a 45 minute journey, which is about £6/7.. We’re such cheap skate travelers already!
This is something I’ve been massively looking forward to during the whole travel planning process. With one condition being that I did not want to sit on top of the baskets they put on the elephants backs. Thankfully this sanctuary does not believe in them and allows you to sit directly on the elephants back 🙂
The only thing that slightly bothered me were the chains around the neck and foot of the elephant. However it is not until you come closer to them you realize they are not hurting the animal nor are thy restricting them in anyway.
Our elephant Raja was a big beautiful animal that seemed happy in IMG_7612 - Copyher life. We all sat on her back and she took us for a trip up through their gardens, past where they sleep at night; surely a tease for Raja and then back. She then followed us down to the shallow river and we got the opportunity to wash and play with her in the water, she splashed us with her trunk and we rewarded her with a cooling back scrub under the water. For being such an awe inspiring, gentle, beautiful giant we each fed her some fruit which she adored much to our satisfaction.



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