Today was solely focused on Polonnuruwa and the ancient city that remains. The history here is interesting and visiting is like stepping back in time to walk amongst the most ancient of Sri Lankan kingdoms.
We caught the bus again as we’re such pros from Habarana junction straight to Polonnuruwa for 63 Rupees which is about 30p for a 45 minute journey! Nice easy bus ride again, treated and looked at like celebrities you really can’t go wrong can you!
Learning our lesson from the caves debacle we checked where you had to purchase entrance tickets, luckily we did this as it again is no where near the entrance!!

We heard the gardens, palace and ruins covered a large distance so decided to follow advice and hire bikes. 250 Rupees per bike for the whole day. We would of fitted in in the Victorian era with them tho, old and rusty is an understatement. Still definitely the highlight of the day. We all had such a laugh and saw some amazing ruins along the way!


Not much of the palace is left standing but you really get a feel for what it was like when you stand inside. As you walk round the majority of Polonnuruwa is left as ruins but there’s still some pretty impressive structures that have stood the test of time!
We easily spent 3-4 hours exploring and still didn’t cover it all. The only thing that puts a dampener on this experience are the touts following your every move selling you anything and everything. Although throughout the majority of the gardens we felt alone and undisturbed with just the monkeys to keep us company. A wonderful feeling in Sri Lanka.

We had another crazy bus journey back to Habarana Heritage Hotel and then our return to Acme hotel and resturant for another feast.


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