Back To Kandy For A Pitstop

We headed back to Kandy on the 7th as it’s more central to the airport ready for when we move on to Singapore on the 10th. We also had to say bye to Becca today as she’s heading down south to spend the rest of her time along the coast, stopping in places like Ella and Tissa along the way!
We caught the bus from Habarana to Kandy which was easy enough apart from the amount of people they actually let on the buses at one time!! I really don’t think they have a limit. At one point I literally had a rather large middle aged lady sitting on my lap! She didn’t get off for ages!! OUCH!
We said our goodbyes to Becca at the station and then Fran and myself headed to a hostel we had found on hostelworld that would suit us perfect for a couple days. Oh how wrong we were!!
If you’ve ever seen what death looks like when it comes a’knocking this place had had it!! In buckets.. It gave me the heebeegeebees.. We both agreed very quickly not to stay there and decided to head back to The Majestic Hotel where we were previously as we knew it was cheap and perfect for a 2 night stay!
They were very happy to see us return which was a sweet welcome.. I feel like we even got upgraded to a nicer room just because we had a ‘power shower’, said in the loosest sense of the word 😉
We headed down to Kandy Muslim Hotel our new favourite local restaurant and had yet another yummy meal! Definitely check it out anyone that’s in Kandy!

The next day we both agreed we would endeavor to climb to the big Buddha that over looks the whole of Kandy. Woh, another steeeep climb! My legs are shouting at me, the work I’m putting them through at the moment!
After eventually reaching the top in the mid day heat I have to say I was majorly disappointed once we had paid to get in! The area is like a building site with attempts at making small museum type information areas and places of prayer but it’s not spiritual or impressive in anyway! I’m sad to say this, as for a place of worship with such amazing surroundings I wanted to love it but unfortunately that wasn’t the case!

Upon leaving I over heard two girls saying that their ‘Rough Guide’ book tells them not to bother with the climb and defiantly not the entrance fee it asks you for before going in! They asked our advice and honestly I did tell them not to bother.. The views from the outside are good enough and spare you from the disaster area that is the inside! Such a shame to say!
We had planned to watch the sun set while we were up there but there’s no way we would of spent any length of time up there so we thought the next best stop was the Slightly Chilled Bamboo Garden that over looks the lake back in the town!
We marched there gasping for a beer after the strenuous climbs we had endured!
We got there for happy hour!! Oh what a result 😉 the sun set was beautiful with a Lion beer in hand.
An Australian couple joined us later in the evening and we ended up chatting and drinking all through the night sharing tips and stories. They plan to travel Sri Lanka with their surf boards and go to yoga retreats! A pretty cool couple I must say!
We arranged to take them to Kandy Muslim Hotel for the lunch the next day, which they thoroughly enjoyed. Always a worry when recommending somewhere especially when you go with them. Success though!

We also visited an amazingly cool old hotel called Helgas Folly hidden up in the hills of Kandy. Wow what a place this was, designed and created by someone with the craziest imagination you can ever apprehend. Floor to ceiling art, photos, antiques and memories of Helgas intriguing life cover the walls, shelves and tables. Nothing is left bare! The candles look as if they have been burning for hundreds of years and the wax makes for pretty impressive structures!
That was an experience that I know I will never see again!!

Helga's Crazy House
Helga's Folly Helga's Folly Helga’s Crazy House

It was soon time to back our bags for the last time in Kandy and prepare ourselves for our lack of beds for the next 24 hours..
We had decided to head to the airport Sunday evening as our flight was 7am Monday morning and if there ever an opportunity to save some money me and Fran will do it.
Our last experiences on Sri Lankan buses was to be a memorable one. Again the bus was over filled with people so much so there was no room in the isles as people sat from the front to the back in solid rows like we were in the cinema.
When it eventually came to our stop to get off we knew there was no way we could get our big bags past all of these people.. Problem solved.. get them thrown out of the window! Of course, why didn’t we think of that :/
I was one of those weirdos that night that you see sleeping in the airport taking up all the seats or just sparko on the cold tiled floor! I was both of these people at different times of the night and I didn’t enjoy it one bit!!
By doing this yes you do save some money but you feel as if you hve been travelling for a hundred hours and you haven’t changed you clothes in the same amount of time. I’m disgusting!
But, success were eventually in Singpore and we’ve found our hostel. I’ll check back in on Thursday and let you know my goings on.

I will be blogging Monday and Thursdays from now on (try my damned hardest)



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