My first few days in Singapore


So I left you just as we had arrived at our hostel. And I must say what a cool hostel it is! It’s our first time staying in dormitory style rooms, sharing with a maximum of 8 other girls and it’s surprisingly okay! I had no idea what to expect, fully knowing I’m a heavy sleeper with the occasional walk, talk or tooth grind I’m a pretty hard girl to disturb. People will vouch for that. Some evenings I’m finding it pretty hard to get to sleep as many of the people around you are suffering with jet lag and are up until the early hours finding the scrunchiest, noisiest material to play around with, crisp packets, zips, shopping bags you name it. Always a joy, but something I’m getting used to putting up with and for the price were paying I’m pretty happy to deal with it.
We’re staying in a very well known hostel called Kiwi Green Backpackers Hostel. It’s a hive of activity through morning till night and some mornings it’s hard to even find a purch to be able to be eat some breakfast (comes included and very nice it is too). We plan to stay here until Saturday and then we will move to another hostel near by.
Our first day in Singapore was spent marvelling at the cultural difference between where we have just come from to where we are now. For only a 4 hour flight away the difference is immense. And I’m still getting used to it 4 days in! Things like organisation of traffic, people and buildings are a world away from what we’re used to back in England let alone Sri Lanka. And the tube!! Oh my god, it’s like another world under ground, everything here is supersize and it’s pretty easy to get lost. Yes it may have happened once or twice already :/
Our first full day was spent exploring. We caught the bus, an air conditioned, luxury, normal looking bus with plastic seats and stop buttons, it made me laugh how modern and beautiful looking I found it.
We spent the day looking around an area called Marina Bay. You are greeted apon arrival by the most spectacular hotel I have ever seen in all my years. Three enormous towers side by side are joined together by a boat that sits atop them all. My words do not do it justice, but the pictures will take your breath away! Of course we had to take a sneaky look inside but oh my how we stuck out with our back packs and scruffy jean shorts. Its just as astounding as the outside, the scale of the place is mesmerising and makes you feel about two feet tall!


Very near by is an area called The Gardens By The Bay. This puts the botanical gardens in Sri Lanka to shame. Tall towers of woven multicoloured metal spiral up from the ground in the shape of massive trees and are laced with beautiful shrubbery and other wonderful things!! Between some of these grand structures is a bridge and for five Singaporean dollars you are able to walk across it and see some brilliant views of the city and the Marina Bay Hotel. You also have the option to pay to go inside two massive turtle shaped buildings that house stunning plants and trees. With Fran and I being on such a strict budget we had to give those a miss but you do get an opportunity to walk around the main gardens and lake that they have built here, which are incredible by themselves. Every night they put on a laser light show that is apparently unmissable so we will try and go back before we leave!


Our next stop was something called the Singapore Flyer. Recorded as the worlds largest observation wheel but looking very similar to the London Eye I had to ask Google for some information. Apparently it’s true, the London Eye stands at a measly 443ft Compared to the Singapore Flyer at 541ft. The views again were beyond my expectation and I thought at one point we were going to go above the Marina Bay hotel height. Close, but not quite. I’ll just have to come to the conclusion I’m never going to see what that boat looks like all the way up in the sky. Someone tell me the lottery results, you never know 😉

We spent Wednesday in the famous Singapore Zoo. A guy from our hostel called Alec asked if he could join and I got talking to a Russian traveller on the bus on the way there so we ended up as a group of four 🙂 I’ve never been to a zoo like this one before, the animals are not caged in so monkeys and birds are able to fly and swing around freely which makes for an altogether different experience. The lions and bigger scarier animals such as the tigers, polar bears and elephants have large ditches and wooden beams in front of there enclosures to stop any disasters from occurring. But it is an odd feeling when you come face to face with a monkey within touching distance!! Don’t worry everyone we were completely safe the whole time.


With Singapore being such a modern bustling city the shopping scene is obviously extreme. And we HAD to check it out. We went to Orchard Road, our equivalent being Oxford street but on steroids. People say there are about 4-6 shopping malls down this one road but I think there may be more. Nestled in between are shops like Prada, Hermes, Luis Vitton, Channel etc which are amazing people watching and window shopping spots. Locals live for the designer here and fashion is clearly a massive thing. Beautifully dressed ladies are always on the tube or rushing past you in the street with their designer bag and stiletto heels! It’s a pretty impressive sight to see!
We came across Forever 21, H&M, New Look and even a Marks and Spencer, more to our budget and just like home!
I’ve bought myself a cheeky iPad Mini, I couldn’t resist the price. The beautiful looking thing has been glued to my hand since.

We’ve found a great little food outlet just across the road from our hostel called Lavender Food Court, with the cheapest local food around. We’ve been back every night as we’re yet to find any where cheaper with a better variety. More importantly it’s daaaamn tasty 🙂

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