Exploring Singapore

The ‘to-do’ list is complete! I never thought I’d see the day that firstly we’d be organised enough to write one and secondly that we would actually complete it. It’s the start of great things people!!
Fran and I both jotted down a list of things we would like to see, visit and do during our time here from my trusty lonely planet book. With only one full day left before we move on we’ve achieved the impossible and done it all!! I can hear the applause, and we thank you!
Since I last checked in we’ve done a hell of a lot, starting with Singapore’s Botanic Gardens. Yes I’ve visited ‘Gardens’ in every country so far, I already said, I’m a changed women!
It actually wasn’t as beautiful as Sri Lanka’s in my opinion, it’s much bigger (as is everything else in this country) but all the plants are over grown and left to their own devices. That’s pretty cool when your walking through areas replicating the rain forest for example. But when walking through other areas such as the fragrance section or around swan lake it felt unkept and pretty messy. HAHA listen to me!!
Because of its size though we did explore for hours and there is lots to see. Its a great place to spend an afternoon with family and a picnic as lots of people already do.

Fran under a waterfall  RainForest in Botanic Gardens   Canopy Walk in the Rain Forest

We spent valentines evening with a big group of people we’ve met at the hostel. How romantic huh 😉 We headed down to Marina Bay for the famous lights show that’s put on every night in front of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel overlooking the lake. Sounds magical and oh my it was! It’s pretty spectacular for something they just put on every night. Films and photographs are projected onto clouds of water mist that is shot into the air from the lake below. Loud music surrounds you and takes you into a world of lights, lasers and pictures that is like something from Disney. As you can tell I was impressed and would recommend it to anyone that visits.

It’s already Saturday 15th and that means we’ve been here just under a week, time is just flying by. What do we have to do to slow it down? This was the first day though that we hadn’t pre planned what we were going to do for the day. That was pretty nice actually and it left us open for suggestions and offers from everyone else at the hostel. This is one of the main benefits of staying in a dorm based hostel. Everyone is much more forthcoming and you find yourself getting to know everyone and spending a lot of time together.
A group of us decided to check out a place called Little India and grab some lunch there. We walked from the hostel as it’s pretty close which allowed me to scope out the local area, something I love to do.
Little India is a strange place and something very different to what I had pictured. It took us a while to realise whether we were ‘there’ yet, which may be a stupid thing to say when your surrounded by Indian culture and communities. I didn’t want to ask for directions to be told “well hello, you’re in it!”
We walked around for a while taking in some of the craziness coming from the fruit and veg stalls. And accidentally ended up in a massive fish market, wooh we quickly got out of there. It felt like a pretty normal working town and maybe we didn’t see it all, but honestly I was a little disappointed.

We headed to China Town instead for lunch as we knew there’s big food courts there and much more to see and do. We weren’t wrong and I found myself suddenly eating the best meal I’d had so far in Singapore. Chicken Ramen, thank you Wagamamas, but you’ve been beaten!
Our evening was dedicated to the other half of Singapore’s Zoo, the Night Safari. This was pretty cool and like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. It’s separate to the Zoo so there was no risk of seeing animals we’ve already seen and being in the dark made it all the more adventurous. You can call me Bare Grylls now if you choose, I was pretty brave 😉
We were lucky enough to be there for the feeding times of both the lions and the tigers. What incredibly majestic creatures they both are! I wasn’t able to get any photographs of this as there pretty strict on flash photography and it’s too dark to take without so you will just have to take my word this time round. We ended the night with a burger and half naked men dancing with fire. It was an organised show, no forest fires were started in the process!! Not the worst way to finish a day!
Sunday was spent how all my Sundays used to be spent as a child, on a bike riding along the coast. Dad will be happy 🙂 We headed down to East Coast Park, hired some bikes and took ourselves as far as we could possibly go along the coast. We found some deserted beaches along the way so took the opportunity to have a paddle and take some photos.


The beaches are beautiful along this stretch but from the horizon in to land all you can see are huge container ships blocking up the sea. There’s definitely no chance of a wonderlust moment looking out to sea here.


Our evening was spent just how we’ve been spending every other evening. Chilling up in the roof top garden of the hostel chatting into the night with other travellers and friends were making along the way.

Green Kiwi Backpackers Hostel – I can’t recommend it more!!

Catch up soon



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