Moving on to Paradise

Wow a lot can happen in a week. I’m actually writing this from Phuket in Thailand, but let me first take you back to the wonderful country that is Singapore!
As I said, miraculously we had done everything we wanted to in Singapore and we still had some spare time!! We heard the beaches on an island called Sentosa, just south of the island, were a pretty good escape from the madness that is the city. We couldn’t think of anything better!
We took the cable car to the island. For the 24 sing dollars it cost it was well worth the money!


Firstly you are taken up to Mount Fable which is one of the oldest national parks in Singapore. You are able to take a look around, explore and even take a long walk around the park and all the famous bridges that take you high above forest canopies. We opted for a short walk and checked out the newest bridge called The Henderson Wave Bridge. As bridges go, it was a good one, but I’m not going to turn into a bridge enthusiast now, no one panic (I’ve still too much love for Botancial Gardens 😉 )



Once we were done exploring the park the cable car took us down onto Sentosa island. You get to see some pretty awesome views from up there, you go through a building, right over a docked cruise liner and then as you reach the island you get a birds eye view of a water park, universal studios, hotels and much more, all a massive tease for us as all of it is way out of our budget!!



We spent the day sunning ourselves on a beautiful beach, but not before we gorged on tacos and beer!! Very nice too!! We had a wonderful day but I would like to officially changed the name of the place to Rip Off Island. Prices are extortionate, paying 4 dollars for a sprite nearly tipped me over the edge!!


As quickly as it began it was over and it was time for our next country. Famous old Thailand.. But before that I must talk to you about Singapore’s airport. Every airport in the world needs to take a leaf out of Singapore’s book. It was incredible! Massive, so efficient, clean, had 24 hour food halls, endless shopping, free wifi and computers, TV stations and even a snooze lounge for those that are waiting for flights. Oh and did I mention how massive it was, we’ll it was.. Massive!!

Phuket is our first stop in our Thailand adventure. We chose this island amidst much controversy from people we’ve met along the way. Many people hate it, others loved. There were few in-between. I’ve read that the island is good for those that want to find their Thailand feet and plan to move on to the smaller lesser known islands. So this is exactly what we’re going to do!! Get in some lazy days at the beach before we move on to the craziness of Bangkok and beyond.

Arriving I’m Phuket airport my first thought was they need a lesson or two from Singapore!! The place was teaming with people mostly taxi drivers trying to grab your attention. It was pretty overwhelming and I had to take a minute just to remind myself how to deal with the craziness again and then we were good to go.
We worked out that we needed to jump in a metered taxi as everyone else will charge extortionate rates. That was pretty simple and off we went to Phuket Town were our pre booked accommodation awaited.
We’re travelling as a three at the moment as Alec has joined us after spending a bit of time together in Singapore.

Can I just add, we passed a Tesco on the way. Is that crazy or are they really taking over the world that much that they can just have massive supermarkets on random islands throughout the world??

I digress.

After a bit of a crazy taxi journey and a change of driver (the first women decided she wanted to pick up her student from school rather than do her job) we arrived at our hostel 2W cafe. First impressions were great, looked really modern, clean and in a good location. That was until it was time to sleep. Bed bugs everywhere!! EWWW!!
Fran ran downstairs to tell the receptionist that we need to get out of that room and move to another. Life is never simple though is it and apparently they were full however we’ve only seen a handful of people the whole day. That’s beside the point though, so the next best option was a move of location. We weren’t too pleased as it was past midnight but on hearing the world hotel we quickly pack our day bags and followed the women to our new place of residence. Well it was a hotel of sorts, the room was nicer than the hostel so we were happy for the night. Not too shabby for us travelling folk.
The next day back at the hostel it was explained to us that there are no available rooms and we must move hostels for the rest of our stay. What a pain in my arse this was turning out to be! Until we pull up to the new place. SILVER LINING!! It’s beautiful, Fran and I have a private bedroom, on-suite, air conditioning and breakfast is included. Hay, everything happens for a reason 😉

We spent our first full day on the beach of course. The sea was just how I imagined it, crystal clear, blue and warm!! It was bliss! The beaches were a little busy with tourists but I’ve come to expect that of Phuket. Plus it makes me even more excited for those trips to hidden beaches and quiet lagoons.


Now were settled in our new hostel, with clean sheets and breakfast included (did I already mention 😉 ) were ready to explore our surroundings.

Next stop boat trip…..


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