Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi, an island I’ve heard a lot about, both good and bad!! We arrived on Tuesday 25th March and pre booked a hostel called The SunFlower on a recommendation from STA saying it was his favourite place in the world.
The hustle and bustle of the island shocked us big time!! It’s not like anything I’ve seen, pictured or expected. The island has no roads and is instead covered from one end to the other with paths and walkways that are just crammed with shops, restaurants, tattoo parlours and bars!!
My first impression wasn’t good but I’m not one to judge a book by its cover so we followed our guy that was waiting for us at the port to our hostel.
We got a pretty good look of the place while walking past all the street vendors and noisy bars. I wasn’t falling in love with the place like I had done so easily before.
Eventually arriving at our hostel we were pretty happy with its location. Far enough away from the crowds that we didn’t feel as if we were in the middle of Magaluf but not so quiet that the area was filled with the wrong type of people.
The hostel itself is pretty cool, built entirely out of wood it is in the shape of a ship and only has about 4 or 5 rooms!! The thing is the owner is expanding so we were surrounded by building work and the noise that comes with it for the majority of the day! Not quite as pretty as it first looked!! It’s was right on the beach from though and we were able to sit in the bar and overlook the calm sea whilst the sun set! No entirely shabby!!

We quickly befriended our neighbours, a massive bunch of Swedish friends that were all from the same town!! They had returned to Phi Phi for the second time this trip so knew the area pretty well so were able to show us the ropes!!
One issue for me though was that they were on some kind of mad drinking holiday and I am totally not about that any more. Give me (Grandma) a beach and a book and leave me there for a couple of days.
The party seen is massive on this island though and pretty hard to avoid as the bass, not the music, the bass, starts around 9pm and goes strong until at least 4am. Found it kinda hard to sleep the first night when all we wanted to do was chill. It became quickly apparent that no one does sleep until the early hours anyway!!

The island is called phi phi, pronounced pee pee however the place stinks a little more like poo poo.. Name change anyone?
As you can tell I’m not smitten but did try and explore. North of the port is the bay where our hostel was, unfortunately the beach wasn’t nice, the sand was black and is surrounded by dead coral which kinda made it hard to chill and breathe, the place reeks!!
We did find a pretty cool view point at the top of the island which allows you to see the whole of the main land and watch a beautiful sunset! We did have a few painful flash backs to Sri Lanka during the hard climb to the top but as always it was worth it!!
We spent our last full day out at see on a couple of sea kayaks. I have one of these at home so was in my element cruising along the coast. The rocks and caves are a pretty impressive sight to see, rising high above the water you have to strain your neck to see the top!! Not quite like the white cliffs of Dover home gals!!

On our way back to shore we bumped in to a Canadian guy in his dingy. We got chatting for a while and found out a whole lot about it!! He’s travelled all the way from Canada on his sail boat, has been sailing around Thailand for the passed three years!! He’s seen everything and knows everyone!! What an interesting guy!
Then he drops a bomb on us and invites us on board his boat as guests for around a week while he travels around a few of the Islands!! I was blown away by the offer but found was wary of the whole thing!! We discussed it in full with him and the three of us did the same!! We decided the offer was too good to pass up and travelling as a three felt pretty safe in the knowledge that everything was safe and legit!!
What a big change of plan for us, we even already bought our ferry ticket to move onto Ao Nang!! With a offer like this never to come around again we didn’t care about the small waste of money for the ferry ticket.

We spent our last night on Koh Phi Phi out on the town!! The Swedish group took us to a Swedish club that had cheap boo’s and beer pong!! Pretty cool!!
We ended up having a great night, even bumped into a guy we met in Singapore.

We met our sail boat the next morning and set sail pretty early on..
Now I have no land destination I’m pretty far from Wifi all the time!!
I’ll try and post for Thursday but I’m gunna be having the time of my life in between

Speak soon



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