Sailing the Andaman Sea

I can only apologise for the previous rushed blog. A life at sea is not one for a blogger, the lack of wifi and the amount of bobbing does not equal blogger paradise!
Anyways so yes we were approached by a guy in the bay of Koh Phi Phi and as dodgy as it sounds we agreed to board his boat for a week and sail the Andaman Sea!!
What an adventure we thought, too good to pass up!! My friends would call me a pretty sensible girl so it took a while for me to give a definite yes. Once I felt pretty secure in the knowledge everything was going to be safe and we were about to have a trip of a life time we boarded his 34ft sail boat and set of to explore the islands!

If only it was that easy! One thing I haven’t explained about this trip is that Darcy, El Captain, refuses to use the engine on the boat, it probably doesn’t even work. So we are 100% reliant on the wind! So with that being said for the first 4 hours of the trip we moved around 300 meters from the bay of Phi Phi.
Were we regretting it already? With a pretty hefty hangover the three of us turned grey thanks to the bobbing of the boat and couldn’t stomach the lunch that he made us! Oh dear we’ve still got a long old way to go and right now it seems an impossible task to acclimatise to this way of life!!
But cutting that story short it has actually become easier to be aboard a vessel that doesn’t EVER stop rocking (I say through gritted teeth)!
Darcy’s a very interesting man from Canada and has done a hell of a lot with his life from being a high quality musician, to golf pro, skiing teacher, race car driver and so much more! This guys been about! He’s got a very interesting family back ground too and if anyone’s interested you should Google Betty Kennedy, his mother, who by the sounds of it has done a hell of a lot for Canada!!
He’s been a pretty cool teacher and rather than just shipping us from place to place he is letting us take the helm, put up the sails and put down the anchor. I’m learning a lot and apparently have a real knack for steering the boat.
Port and starboard as well as reading a compass dial are becoming second nature to me and tacking is quickly becoming my favourite thing to do, I know dad will be proud! I’m absolutely falling in love with the freedom of this life and the still quiet that surrounds you for the majority of the day!!
Our plan before meeting Darcy was to get a ferry to Ao Nang and then plan from there, on this trip already we’ve visited Railay Bay, famous for rock climbing and home to some of the most wonderful, largest rock faces I have ever seen!! Then onto Ao Nang to anchor for the night. We’ve sailed past Koh Lanta and we spent the whole time trying to spot the bay we spent three nights on, no avail. But seeing it from the water is a totally different experience as it allows you to see the whole island without experiencing any of its craziness!! We have jointly decided though that Koh Lanta is a great island and one of our favourites so far!!

As I’m writing this now on Monday 3rd March we are heading to Koh Mok to snorkel and spend the day at the beach! We all find it extremely hard to be on land now as our bodies have become used to the rocking and when on dry land it feels as if you are drunk and unable to stand up, it’s not a nice feeling at all.
We don’t get anywhere fast on this sail boat as the average speed is about 3 knotts, but if the winds good and the sails are poised we can reach 6 knotts and it feels as if were flying in comparison! We plan to reach Phuket by Friday and then leave the sailing life behind and head north to Bangkok! Let’s see if that plan changes hay?!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful cousin Millie, hope you have a wonderful day, I’m so sad to be missing it – love you with all my heart ❤




One thought on “Sailing the Andaman Sea

  1. Sounds like your the star role in an an amazing film, so proud of you , I love that you are giving anything that is offered to you a try, experience it all my love. In my prayers always , keep safe and I love you. X

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