Sugar and Sailing and Three Backpackers Wailing

20140307-150944.jpgThe fact that I kissed the ground on arrival to land is not to say that I hated the trip but boy was it good to know that I wouldn’t have to get back on the rocking boat of hell!! I don’t mean to sound ungrateful for the experience but you know when you’ve just had enough, well that time was nigh.. For all of us!!

As I said the owner of the boat was an interesting guy called Darcy. He’s not like anyone I’ve ever met before and I’m struggling with my adjectives when it comes to describing him! He’s been sailing alone from Canada for 6 years and exploring Thailand for the past 3. Let’s just say it’s extremely evident that he has been on his own for this length of time!!
He’s one of those guys, and we all know one, that has a story for EVERYTHING, or has a connection to EVERYONE. The saying to be seen and not heard sprung to mind a lot during this trip, the hours we sat and listened to his stories and couldn’t get a word in edge ways actually became laughable by the end!!
We ate, drank, slept and chilled on this boat, each of which has a story I could talk about for hours.
In summation, the man can cook and with the amenities available to him he fed us well. HOWEVER he has the sweetest tooth known to man kind and smothered everything in syrup, sugar or anything sweet. Even a beer drink he made up had a mountain of sugar at the bottom of the glass!! Some of you reading this may think that sounds like heaven on a plate but I can tell you all were craving now is anything savoury and a large plate of veggies! Which is exactly what I had as my first dinner off the boat and it hit the spot!
The sleeping arrangements were fine, there was a cabin at the front of the boat with a double bed and a bench in middle of the cabin which Fran called home for the week. We all quickly became used to the constant rocking that swayed us to sleep at night but the killer move for me personally was either getting to or getting out of bed in the morning. The cabin was not big and was always hot and stuffy, when I spent longer than 2 minutes down there I turned a shade of grey I had not seen before and needed to stare at the horizon pretty quickly to steady myself.
Going to the toilet on the boat is not a topic I want to talk too in depth about but let’s just say I quickly learnt that a man on his own sees no need for a working toilet or shower so when he introduced us to the “pee bucket” I thought he was having us all on!! It turns out not, and the pee bucket became a friend of us all!! You can imagine it was a skill to master when the boat was in constant movement.. I’ll leave that there!!


IMG_8370I got the opportunity to sail the boat a lot which I absolutely loved, and became to understand the mathematics of it all pretty quickly! Steering the boat when it reaches a 20 degree angle and water is nearly splashing over the sides is such a thrill that not everyone will get to experience! For that reason I am truly grateful to Darcy for the opportunity!




So much has happened this week that I thought it a good idea to get Fran’s perspective on the whole adventure. My view alone on this trip will not suffice.

Guest post by Fran
So we decided to take this un known Canadian man up on his offer of sailing round Thailand and visiting beaches off the beaten track and islands somewhat unknown to the common tourist! All the while I had failed to mention to either Alec or Joules how afraid I was of sail boats!!!! Oppps! In all honestly I thought this was probably the time to over come these fears as somewhere down the line I was going to have to get on a boat!!!!! The boat was smaller than I imagined and when you went inside it was like entering an oven … Which constantly rocked! As soon as we got on I was dreading the next few days! I tried to subside my emotions and be thankful for the experience! We started sailing and the feel of the sea air in my hair was wonderful I was happy to be here but unsure how I was going to sleep with the constant movement!!!!

The first nights sleep wasn’t as bad as anticipated and I found the rocking actually rocked me to sleep, I wasn’t too keen on the lack of toilet facilities as after a nights sleep where I was constantly rocked it was inevitable I would need a wee!!!! After this trip I hope to never hear the phrase ‘pee bucket’ ever again! I’m all for being liberating and free don’t get me wrong but come on …. A toilet is all you need to make a girl happy! But no luck for us the pee bucket it was (unsurprisingly when we got on dry land I hugged the toilet and promised never to take it for granted again!!!!)

We sailed round various islands and I was extremely grateful to get this opportunity! It was great to sail with someone who had extensive knowledge about everywhere and everything we did (can you detect my hint of sarcasm!!??). But I was grateful to get off and spend some time chilling on the white sands and swimming in the clear blue seas! One of my favourites was Koh Mok, it really was like paradise and a welcomed one at that. The sand was so white that we questioned its authenticity, the sea so blue that we were somewhat speechless. This made a lot of the issues on the boat worthwhile and I only wished I could of imported all my friends and family to share the tranquility with me.




As the days unfolded we were all ready to get back to reality. We don’t want to sound ungrateful or anything un towards but the thought of dry land was calling our name! The thought of a bed that didn’t rock and a proper toilet was making me beyond excited. Really when thinking about it Darcy is a rare specimen, he is happy sailing the great blue, alone or with company. He doesn’t long for anything different or dream of anything he hasn’t got or can’t achieve! I admire him in some respects, he sails because he loves to and that’s the simplicity of it really. He likes to explore and find new places …. And so do we … The difference is we are creatures of society and we like our creature comforts, there is nothing wrong with that, I guess we are just different breeds!

As we chugged along in the dingy, the sight of land drew ever closer, I literally couldn’t wait!! We had booked a beach bungalow near the airport and we couldn’t wait to check in and just lay still (if we could …. You really do rock when you get back on land! It’s so surreal!!!!). My feet hit land and I had to restrain the urge to kiss it! For me this past week has been somewhat of a personal achievement and I’ve had Joules and Alec encouraging me all the way! I’m sure I will look back on this and re tell stories with great pleasure and excitement. It’s not everyday you sail round the islands of Thailand.

I will sign off now and let Joules finish. I survived a week on a boat … I am now invincible haha!
Lots of love a very freckly Fran xx

We did get the opportunities to see some amazing islands and swim in the clearest seas. It was a trip we will all remember fondly for the rest of our lives I’m sure.

It’s time to move on again, and time for some craziness to enter our lives. Bangkok the world of Tuk Tuks, Lady Boys, High Rise Buildings and Noise. Were gunna love it 🙂



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