Sihanoukville – The Sound of Silence

It was time for sun, sea and snoozing. And where’s better to do that then utter paradise..!

We decided to fly from Seam Reap to Sihanoukville as the hassles and dangers of taking the over night bus were not worth the pain!
Seam Reap airport was a wonder to behold. Apon entering we spoke to one other person, the ONLY other person in the whole airport. The place was deserted and our flight was planned to leave in 2 hours time. Staff sauntered in with around 1 hour left before take off and got themselves prepped at their desks. Lipstick – check, hair – check, outfit looking beautiful – check, and they were ready for us – about time too!
We reached Sihanoukville in an hour compared to the 15 hour bus from hell journey we could of taken and instantly new it was the perfect place for some chill time.


Walking out from the airport Fran noticed my name on someone’s plaque waiting there to pick us up! I had completely forgotten requesting this service so him being there was suuch a lovely surprise and meant we didn’t have to worry about transport.
We got chatting to a girl on the plane, so the three of us shared this ride to our hostels. And a ride it was! We walked towards his car; we saw a big air conditioned 4 by 4, an inbetweeners style car and a brand new ford estate car. I give you one guess which was ours?

3 in the back, 3 bags in the front and 1 driver. Inbetweeners 3 was well underway! You can imagine it was hysterical, but we made it in one piece!

Sihanoukville is very up and coming and hotels are being built left right and centre. It will be the holiday destination of the future I promise you that! The roads from the airport are dirt track and we sure tested our little cars suspension.
The surrounding areas are stunning though. The beaches are pure white sand and crystal clear seas. The hotels and hostels are either on the beach or over the road from the beach and are simple wooden chalets with beds and on suites. You literally couldn’t ask for more, especially at £5 a night!!



We knew from the moment we laid eyes on that beach all we wanted to do was nothing!



And nothing we have done! We’ve been reading our books, tanning our bodies and filling our stomachs. A well earned rest from the hot touristy days of Siem Reap and Phnom Penh.

The most energic thing we’ve done so far was go to Otress Night Market. A very cool market that has live bands, vintage stalls and good food! We spent our Saturday evening there, had a couple of drinks and listened to some pretty talented musicians! Not at all what I expected for such a remote part of Cambodia.

We plan to do lots more of nothing, take advantage of this beautiful weather and scenerary and then move on to Vietnam on 3rd April.

But for now I must concentrate on tanning my back – goodbye. >


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