Fran’s farewell to South East Asia <3

It’s that time again … Time for me to make a guest post on the amazing blog Joules has been documenting our travels on . She has allowed you to keep in touch with us even if we are half way round the world and I even enjoy reading about our experiences!!!! This time I have been given the privilege of writing a summary of our time in South East Asia! A privilege and a humongous task. I am some what nervous about this task but ready to take it on! Before we started planning our ten month adventure South East Asia wasn’t top of my list, I was more interested in South America and China. But, I have to admit I will be leaving South East Asia with a heavy heart.
The memories I have made here have exceeded my expectations and I will no doubt be swooning about SEA for a very long time.
To summarise these last three months is going to be a hard feat because we have experienced so much and met so many people that have made our time unforgettable. And summing this up into words is a task I am finding impossible.
Some of our memories are indescribable and will just have to stay with us as happy memories, others however have been and will be shared with people at home and people we meet along the way!

So here goes …. My summary of South eat Asia coming up 🙂

Singapore! Our time started with Singapore! The land of amaZing sights and even better food! We ate and shopped our way through Singapore and loved every minute! People say stay a day or two we staid seven and treasured every single moment! We took great pictures and will never take a good breakfast for granted again! But for me the best part of Singapore was the friendship we made with a certain Canadian! He ended up playing a big role in our SEA adventure and it wouldn’t of been the same without him!!! God we are so needy …. Big shout out!❤️AW


Next stop Thailand and Phuket started badly with a case of bed bugs! It got better … We found a Resturant that had the policy of byob (bring your own booze!!!) WINNERS!!! The islands quickly followed and we fell in love with Koh Lanta! The three bs followed … Beer beach and big hangovers (mainly mine!!!!) we then moved onto Phi Phi where we plaid a lot of beer pong with alot of Swedes and then met another Canadian that would changed Thailand forever!!!! We got on a sail boat with a total stranger and came off with memories that still make me smile when I tell people! We definitely become ultimate travellers in those six days! We hit dry land and headed for Bangkok! I can still hear the buzz of traffic and constant commotion of people! Next we boarded our first sleeper train!!! It smelled funky and was freezing cold but the food was great and we all had our trusty fleeces at the ready! Chiang Mai … We fell in love with some elephants but also had to say our first goodbye! Three became two again and Thailand was over in a flash! I’m still getting over the heat of my first thai curry and am still in awe of how white sand can actually be!!!!!


Cambodia was next and two big cuties awaited us! Phnom Penh taught us a lot! It taught us to be thankful for our lives, to be thankful for our families to be thankful for everything really! With our hearts filled with gratitude we moved on to Siem Reap and Angkor Wat … forever known as Angkor WOW … I don’t think any other explanation is needed!!! We were both craving the beach so moved onto the coast where we did nothing but read and sunbathe! I hit a new level of freckly and was pretty happy with my white bits! Visas attained it was time to make our way to Vietnam!


Vietnam started on a downer what with the sickness of malaria tablets and disappointed destinations we hadn’t fallen in love yet! Then came Hoi An and a match made in heaven! Massive markets, endless street food and a backpacker bar that served unlimited booze for £3!!!!!! Five days in Hoi An ended with a huge bag clear out on my part and a big parcel home for joules! Successful stay i’d say! On to Hue and the appearance of two people we would end up sharing the rest of our Vietnam days with! Hue was a stop over before the best days in South East Asia! Riding round the Vietnam countryside and running out of petrol TICK! Getting help from random Vietnamese men TICK getting on a bike with a one legged man TICK (what was I thinking!!!) Getting down and dirty in a mud filled cave!!!! TICK!!!! Things were certainly getting better!!!! After this the capital beckoned and so did the company of two amazing girls whose banter we would of missed! Hanoi is a blur …. Thanks to the free beer and happy hours!!! Ha Long bay was up next and much anticipated and it did not disappoint! Even though the scenery may not of lived up to expectations the memories and friendships we made were second to none!!!! The north beckoned and it dawned on us so did the end of SEA!!!! We got to Sapa and our coats and boots finally made appearances! Our days were filled with motor biking and hill trekking what a perfect way to end our trip!!! I fell in love with Thailand but am now having an affair with Vietnam. It has my heart now … For reasons I will not and can’t even explain! ❤️



Wow take a breath! Reliving some of those experiences made me smile and laugh out loud and I would happily re wind and re live them all!

So in summary…Buses taken 10… Fears conquered 1 Memories made unlimited … … Dreams reached… Endless! Friendships built …undefinable! Asia has given us so much more than I or joules could ever explain! But as my post comes to an end it’s now time to say goodbye! South east Asia it’s been our pleasure lots of love … Always… Fran and Joules!



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