Books I’ve read along the way

  1.   If God Was a Rabbit                      by Sarah Winman
  2.   Eat Pray Love                                  by Elizabeth Gilbert
  3.   Life of Pi                                            by Yann Martel 
  4.   Life after Life                                  by Kate Atkinson
  5.   First They Killed My Father      by Loung Ung
  6.   Autobiography                               by Steven Fry    
  7.   Bird Song                                         by Sebastian Faulks
  8.   Tales from the Attic                     by Anne Frank
  9.   To Kill A Mockingbird                by Harper Lee
  10.   The Fault in Our Stars                by John Green
  11.   The Power Of One                        by Bryce Courtney
  12.   A memoir
  13.   Mad about the boy                       by Helen Fielding
  14.   Sharp Objects                                by Gillian Flynn

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